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What is GetGenius’s affiliate program?

Your customers, followers, and friends will appreciate discovering how AI can help grow their business. Refer them to GetGenius using your unique link, and GetGenius will reward you with 10% of the subscription price paid.

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How it works

Create content including your affiliate link

Top affiliate partners produce educational content to explain Generative AI to their audience and then introduce them to GetGenius. Share your link and explain why you endorse GetGenius.

Engage your audience and help them be succesful

Several of GetGenius’s top-performing affiliates not only assist their audience in signing up but also offer continuous support to ensure their long-term success. Keep in mind, the revenue potential in software affiliate programs lies in the lifetime value of a customer (up to 12 months).

Earn recurring commissions for 12 months.

By using your exclusive link, if someone clicks and subscribes to GetGenius within 30 days, you’ll receive 10% commissions. For instance, if they pay $100, you earn $10. The greater the number of customers you refer and the longer they utilize GetGenius, the more you can earn. Upon referring 100 customers, you qualify for 20% commissions for 12 months.