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What is GetGenius’s Tech Partnership program?

Incorporate GetGenius into your users’ work environment through embedding and/or integration. Technology partners receive exclusive commercial, technical, and market development assistance.

GetGenius tech partnership program is a fit if you represent:

  • Software platforms
  • Developers
  • Tech founders
  • Technical integrators
  • AI or LLM providers
  • Complementary tech providers

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Let us guide you through the technical integration of AI.

Working with general AI providers can be challenging as they often lack developer support, leaving you to navigate the process alone. Hiring a full-time developer solely for AI implementation may not be feasible within your budget.

In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, there’s no time (or budget) to have your developers experiment with maximizing AI capabilities on your platform. The speed of advancements demands efficiency to stay ahead of the competition.

GetGenius’s technical support is poised to assist your developers in swiftly integrating AI into your platform, imparting invaluable best practices and insights gained from experience. Should issues arise, you have a reliable support system to reach out to.

Additionally, benefit from dedicated Customer Success support to tailor custom templates and prompts without the need to recruit a prompt engineer. Enjoy a seamless and efficient integration process with white-glove onboarding, backed by dedicated technical support, ongoing training, and education.

Elevate your platform with AI seamlessly integrated into your product.

GetGenius’s AI Engine provides immediate access to cutting-edge models upon release, supported by our team’s expertise to guide you through their functionalities.

Our AI Engine eliminates reliance on a single partner – in case of any model’s unreliability, we have alternative models in position to maintain tool functionality and performance. This guarantees a robust platform and top-tier outputs.

Key features include:
– Multi-model interoperability
– Continuous updates to the latest models
– Tailored for business applications

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